BCDR Annual Report

The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR) publishes an Annual Report for all those interested in developments and progress at BCDR. These will include the increasing number of contracting parties who already entrust, or who are considering entrusting the resolution of their disputes to BCDR. Also, all those who directly support the institution: the BCDR Board of Trustees and staff, BCDR's many partners in conferences and seminars, and its many friends and advisers who contribute to the continuous monitoring and improvement of BCDR's services, and who generously contribute to the acclaimed BCDR International Arbitration Review.

The BCDR Annual Reports include a message from BCDR's Chief Executive; details of Board and staff members; case statistics and reports on existing and new rules; reports on conferences and other events, and on BCDR publications; and updates on BCDR's and Bahrain's continuing important participation in the work of the UNCITRAL Working Groups.

2022 Annual Report

The 2022 Annual Report is available here.

2020/2021 Biennial Report

The 2020/2021 Biennial Report is available here.

2019 Annual Report

The 2019 Annual Report, currently available in ArabicEnglish, and French, presents a comprehensive view of the work of BCDR and of its plans for the coming year.