BCDR International Arbitration Review continues coverage of 2017 arbitration rules

The BCDR International Arbitration Review returns to BCDR-AAA's 2017 arbitration rules in its latest issue, just released. This is the second issue devoted to the Chamber's current arbitration rules. In his Foreword to the new issue, Professor Nassib G. Ziadé, General Editor, describes the two issues as offering "a comprehensive collection of commentaries by leading arbitration specialists on the most significant provisions of the rules."

The new issue contains articles analyzing the provisions that relate to arbitral tribunal secretaries; hearings, witnesses and tribunal-appointed experts; the exchange of information and privilege; joinder and consolidation; awards, orders and other types of decisions; costs; confidentiality; and limitation of liability. It also contains the Arabic version of the rules. The full table of contents of the new issue can be viewed here.

The previous issue covered the provisions regulating parties' written submissions, summary procedure, expedited arbitration, appointments and challenges of arbitrators, interim and emergency measures of protection, truncated tribunals, the conduct of proceedings, the determination of the place of arbitration and the applicable law, and party representation. It also included the rules in English and French. The full table of contents of this issue can be viewed here.

The BCDR International Arbitration Review, a Wolters Kluwer publication, was launched in 2014 with the aim of broadening and increasing knowledge and understanding of the law and procedures of international dispute settlement. Previous issues of the Review can be viewed here.