BCDR International Arbitration Review
December 2015 - Volume 2 - Issue 2
Page 329

Striking the Right Balance: The Roles of Arbitral Institutions, Parties and Tribunals in Achieving
Efficiency in International Arbitration 
Anne Véronique Schläpfer & Marily Paralika


Users often complain about the lack of efficiency and the costs of international arbitration. Parties, arbitral tribunals, institutions all agree that measures should be taken to make arbitration less expensive and more efficient.Who is responsible for this? Who is in a position to resolve these difficulties?Trying to find scapegoats is not useful; parties, arbitral tribunals and institutions all have their share of responsibility. They also have remedies to enhance the quality of the process and make it more cost-effective and less time consuming.The authors will try to identify measures which could be undertaken at various stages of the proceedings to achieve this goal, bearing in mind that there cannot be one single solution fit for every arbitration.