BCDR International Arbitration Review
December 2019 - Volume 6 - Issue 2

International Mediation

Note from the General Editor  235
Creation of standards for mediation  
The Making of the UNCITRAL Mediation Framework  
Judith Knieper
The Singapore Convention: A Milestone for Mediation
Natalie Y. Morris-Sharma
The BCDR-AAA Mediation Rules 2019
Adrian Winstanley
Impact of COVID-19  
The Role of Mediation in Our 'New Normal'  
Hannah Tümpel & Amelia Redmond
A Helpful Guest at Table: The Use of Mediation by Family-Owned Businesses
Mark E. Appel
Mediation "expressions"  
Successful Mediation Strategies  
Rhéa Jabbour
Cross-Cultural Considerations in Mediation  
Richard W. Naimark
Amicable Dispute Resolution in Egypt: Booming Statutory Coverage with Unclear Vision on Mediation  
Fatma Ibrahim
Investment dispute settlement  
Amicable Investor-State Dispute Settlement at ICSID: Modernizing Conciliation and Introducing Mediation  
Frauke Nitschke
The Multiple-Ministry Paradigm in Investor-State Dispute Settlement
Barton Legum
Investor-State Disputes: What Works Beyond Arbitration?  
Eloïse M. Obadia
Report of Panel on "To What Extent Are Conciliation and Mediation Efficient in the Settlement of Investor-State Disputes?" at BCDR/SCC Joint Conference on Salient Issues in Investment Arbitration, November 18, 2018 485
Report of Panel on "Alternative Tools for Effective Investment/Investor Protection" at 5th EFILA Annual Conference, January 30, 2020 491