BCDR International Arbitration Review
December 2019 – Volume 6 Issue 2
Page 361

Amicable Dispute Resolution in Egypt: Booming Statutory Coverage with Unclear Vision on Mediation 
Fatma Ibrahim


This article explores statutory coverage of amicable dispute resolution options in Egypt regulating private-private, public-private, and a number of sector specific disputes. Those efforts are an important step towards renewing the interest in amicable settlement in private-private disputes, and show a paradigm shift towards proactive settlement in public-private disputes. The author argues that these efforts are missing a clear framework and vision, especially in relation to the essence of mediation and its process as established by the growing body of good practices. For example, proper definitions, clarity on the different processes regarding each of the modalities, and an emphasis on fundamental guarantees, such as confidentiality and the neutral's duties, are missing from most instruments. The author concludes by emphasizing the importance of crafting a new streamlined vision that studies the local needs and aligns with good practices.