BCDR International Arbitration Review
December 2020 - Volume 7 - Issue 2

Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration Part II

Note from the General Editor  231

The Map Is Not the Territory - But We Do Need Maps: How Helpful Are Guidelines on What Constitutes a Conflict of Interest, and on the Circumstances under Which Disclosure Is Required?
Eduardo Zuleta & María Marulanda


Who Should Rule on Challenges of Arbitrators?
Adrian Winstanley


The Parties' Right to Nominate Arbitrators and the Institution's Discretion in Deciding Whether to Confirm
Alexis Mourre


The Worldly Arbitrator: Conflicts of Interest Due to Close Personal Friendship and Enmity in a Cross-Cultural Context
Alejandro A. Escobar


Different Approaches to Counsel Conflicts of Interest: Moving Towards a Common Duty
David Brynmor Thomas KC & Ruth Keating


The Restrictions on Multiple Arbitral Appointments under English Law
Christopher Hancock KC & Daniel Bovensiepen


Conflicts or Opportunities? Arbitrators' Previous Cases and Their Future Appointments
Crina Baltag


The Curious Phenomenon of the Proactive Co-arbitrator
Eduardo Silva Romero


Challenges against Arbitrators under CRCICA Rules: The Effect of Disclosure
Ismail Selim & Malak Lotfi


The Question of Systematic Appointments of Given Individuals by Investors or Respondent State Parties in Investment Arbitration
John Beechey & Niccolò Landi


Ethical Concerns in Investor-State Dispute Settlement: Seeking a Permanent Solution
Colin M. Brown & Niki Koumadoraki