BCDR International Arbitration Review
June 2020 - Volume 7 - Issue 1

Oil and Gas Arbitration in the Middle East

Note from the General Editor  1
Aramco: The Story of the World's Most Valuable Oil Concession and Its Landmark Arbitration Creation of standards for mediation
A.Timothy Martin
Oil and Gas Disputes in the Middle East: A COVID-19 Era Perspective
Essam Al Tamimi
Petroleum Concessions in Egypt: A Recipe for Disputes?
Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab
Stabilization Clauses: Do They Have a Future?
Peter D. Cameron
Arbitration of LNG Price Review Disputes
Jonathan Sutcliffe & Jonathan Blaney
Oil and Gas Arbitration: A Perspective from Qatar
Thomas Williams & Ahmed Durrani
COVID-19 and the Exceptions to Contractual Liability in Arab Contract Law
Michael Polkinghorne & Yasmine El Achkar
Caught Between a Rock and COVID-19: Sharing the Pain of Onerous Oil and Gas Contracts in the Middle East
Graham Coop & Roberto Lupini
Changed Circumstances and Oil and Gas Contracts
Roland Ziadé & Andrew Plump
ICSID and Investor-State Petroleum Disputes in the MENA Region
Antonio R. Parra