BCDR roster for sports disputes arbitrators now available

On 17 March 2022, the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR) adopted a new set of arbitration rules drafted specifically for disputes arising in the sporting sector. These rules are published in Arabic, English and French, with all three versions being equally authoritative.

Under Article 12.1 of the BCDR sports arbitration rules, and in line with the rules of other leading institutions administering the resolution of sports disputes, only arbitrators listed in a BCDR pre-approved roster may be appointed to adjudicate sports disputes or to hear appeals. This is to ensure that only arbitrators with knowledge of and competence in sports arbitration are appointed, so also minimizing delay in the process of selection and appointment.

The BCDR roster of sports arbitrators includes leading practitioners in the field, with an emphasis on practitioners with a nexus with the MENA region.

BCDR will be updating its sports arbitrator roster on a regular basis to broaden the choice of arbitrators available to disputing parties and to the Chamber.

The BCDR sports arbitrator roster may be accessed here.