English translation of the new procedural rules governing disputes before the BCDR Court now available

The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR) has completed the English translation of the 2021 procedural rules governing the resolution of disputes falling under the jurisdiction of the BCDR Court (also known as Section 1 cases), promulgated by Resolution No. 134 of 2021 of the Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs, and Waqf on 13 December 2021, published in the Official Gazette on 23 December 2021, and effective as of 24 December 2021. The English version of the procedural rules is now available on the Chamber's website.

The translation of the procedural rules into English recognizes the option to adopt English as a language for proceedings in Section 1 cases, as envisaged under Article (5) of the translated procedural rules. As previously reported, Royal Order No. 3 of 2022 appointed judges assigned to hear Section 1 cases in which English is the language of the proceedings.