First issue of the BCDR International Arbitration Review published

The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR-AAA) has launched a new publication, the BCDR International Arbitration Review, which is published by Wolters Kluwer. The Review is edited by Prof. Nassib G. Ziadé, CEO of the BCDR-AAA. The Review's Advisory Board, which comprises leading practitioners and academics in the field of international arbitration, includes Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Shaikha Haya Bint Rashid Al Khalifa, Mr. Essam Al Tamimi, Dr. Yas Banifatemi, Prof. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Mr. Lawrence Boo, Dr. Olufemi Elias, Dr. Hamzah Haddad, Prof. Azzedine Kettani, Mr. Makhdoom Ali Khan, Prof. Carolyn B. Lamm, Prof. Francisco Orrego Vicuña, Dr. Antonio R. Parra, Prof. Marike Paulsson and Dr. Georgios Petrochilos.

The Review is an integral part of an initiative by the BCDR-AAA that aims to increase the understanding of the law and procedures of international dispute settlement. Published biannually and featuring content in both Arabic and English, the Review focuses in each issue on a specific topic that is timely and of particular interest to the Arab region. In his Foreword to the first issue, Prof. Ziadé emphasized that "[t]he main objectives of the Review will be to increase awareness of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and arbitration in the Arab world, and to provide the outside world with a prospective on related developments occurring in the region." He concluded:

At a time when the Arab world is experiencing rapid change as well as unprecedented uncertainty, doubts could reasonably be expressed as to the timeliness of launching another law publication. It is, however, precisely at this time that the prominence of law ought to be emphasized in the Arab world. Indeed, when the turmoil subsides, any remaining battles in the region will be legal in nature. Spreading legal education will allow the rule of law alone to determine the outcomes.

The Review's first issue was published today, and it features articles (in Arabic and in English) and case decisions (in Arabic with an English translation) on the topic of "the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the Arab States of the Gulf." The table of contents and abstracts of the first issue can be viewed here.

The Editorial Committee for the first issue was comprised of Ali Abdulla Al Aradi, Yousif Al Saif, Khaled Iqbal Chilwan, J. Michael King and Djurdja Lazic. The complete list of the Editorial Board can be viewed here.