New Partnership: The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR) and Jus Mundi Join Forces to Share Arbitration Resources and Knowledge Globally


Ahmed Husain, acting CEO of BCDR, and Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO of Jus Mundi during the signing ceremony

The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR) and Jus Mundi are proud to announce a new partnership to make non-confidential BCDR awards, related arbitration materials and selected Bahraini court judgments accessible to the global legal community. Both organizations will actively participate in thought leadership initiatives to foster greater understanding and dialogue in the arbitration field.

As part of this unique collaboration, Jus Mundi will host a curated selection of non-confidential arbitral decisions and documents from the BCDR on its platform. By leveraging Jus Mundi's state-of-the-art AIpowered platform and research capabilities, these materials will be easily searchable, empowering users to gain invaluable insights into arbitration proceedings. To ensure inclusivity and reach, BCDR will encourage its network of practitioners to contribute translations of documents when possible. All material published as part of this partnership will adhere to BCDR's rules, confidentiality requirements and best practices, ensuring the utmost respect for party choice and consent.

This landmark initiative represents a significant step towards enhancing accessibility and understanding of arbitration practices within the MENA region and beyond. Upholding the utmost standards of confidentiality, the partnership between Jus Mundi and the BCDR underscores a shared commitment to promoting transparency and knowledge-sharing in the field of dispute resolution.

Speaking about the partnership, Ahmed Husain, acting CEO of BCDR said:

"BCDR is thrilled to join forces with Jus Mundi and reiterating its commitment to promoting independent dispute resolution in the Gulf region and beyond".

Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO of Jus Mundi, commented:

"The GCC region is brimming with arbitration activity and there is a keen interest among practitioners to gain deeper insights. Collaborating with the BCDR allows us to meet the growing need for accessible arbitration information, and we are delighted to cultivate this new partnership."

About BCDR

The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR) is an independent international dispute-resolution center, established in 2009. BCDR provides efficient and cost-effective administration of commercial and investment arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for international and regional parties and governments doing business in the Gulf region and beyond.

About Jus Mundi

Founded in 2019, Jus Mundi is a legal tech and "mission-led company" powering global justice through artificial intelligence. With offices in Paris, New York, London, and soon Singapore, it serves 150,000 users from law firms, companies, governments, and universities in more than 100 countries. Through its advanced AI technology, Jus Mundi offers global legal intelligence, data-driven arbitration professional selection, and business development services.

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Photos from the signing ceremony

Ahmed Husain, acting CEO of BCDR, and Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO of Jus Mundi during the signing ceremony
From left to right: Victoria Krapivina - Jus Mundi; Supritha Suresh - BCDR; Alexandre Vagenheim - Jus Mundi; Marike Paulsson - Economic Development Board, Bahrain; and Ameena Al Onaisi - Economic Development Board, Bahrain.
Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO of Jus Mundi, introducing the services provided by Jus Mundi to the legal team at BCDR