BCDR International Arbitration Review
December 2015 - Volume 2 - Issue 2
Page 201

Note from the General Editor

This third issue of the BCDR International Arbitration Review (BCDR IAR), like the preceding one, is dedicated to the topic of Women’s Voices in International Arbitration.Thirty-one women arbitrators and arbitration specialists have shared in the two issues their perspectives on various aspects of international arbitration, with a view to reforming the process.

I happily render my warmest thanks to the authors included in these two issues. I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge the absolute devotion to the project exhibited by the Deputy General Editor, Djurdja Lazic, who worked tirelessly on the enterprise up to and during her maternity leave. In so doing, she surpassed the bounds of professionalism and embraced the project as a labor of love.

Beyond opening up two issues of the BCDR IAR exclusively to women in the field of international arbitration, I will remain committed to this cause in any role in which I find myself. I will similarly remain faithful to the causes of improving the representation of nationals from emerging economies on arbitral tribunals and of adopting stricter ethical rules in the arbitration field. I firmly believe that reforms in these three areas are inter-related, and that, if carried out properly, they will create a more diverse and fair system for the resolution of international disputes.

Nassib G. Ziadé