BCDR International Arbitration Review
September 2014 - Volume 1 - Issue 1
Page 95

Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards in the Middle East
Essam Al Tamimi


Enforcement is the ultimate goal for any arbitration and it is the aim of any dispute resolution process. However, enforcement in the Middle East has, at times, been inconsistent, unpredictable and challenging.This has affected arbitration as a whole and its perception in the Middle East despite scholars and practitioners regularly addressing the problems of enforcement at conferences and posing random solutions on how to improve enforcement of foreign arbitration awards.

The article addresses four fundamental grounds that are affecting arbitration in the Middle East in general and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in particular and how changes can be implemented for a better future for arbitration. The article emphasizes the importance of strengthening political will, judicial training, improving legislation and promoting local and international arbitration. Without such progress, the issues will remain on the table for discussion, and progress will be marginal.