BCDR International Arbitration Review
September 2016 - Volume 3 - Issue 1
Page 5

Main Characteristics of the International Arbitration Case Law Rendered by Egyptian Courts

Ahmed S. El-Kosheri


Since Egypt’s legislature adopted a modern Arbitration Law (Law No. 27 of 1994), which is largely inspired by the UNCITRAL Model Law, the general view in Egypt on this subject matter marked an important transformation, particularly with respect to the courts’ attitude towards the expansion of international commercial arbitration. The once open hostility has been replaced by an emergence in recent years of a new, opposite trend, which prevails among most state courts and which can be summarized in three trends: a) courts are becoming clearly more favorable in recognizing the validity and effects of arbitration agreements related to international business transactions; b) courts are assisting arbitral tribunals operating locally in discharging their tasks; and c) courts are facilitating the enforcement proceedings of arbitral awards, whether rendered in Egypt or abroad.