Polytechnic Students' Visit to BCDR-AAA

On 18 December 2018, students from Polytechnic University paid a visit to the BCDR-AAA in hopes of expanding their knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The students came from various majors such as Business, Human Resources, and Marketing; all whom have had a common elective course: ADR. BCDR-AAA prepared and conducted a slideshow presentation on the BCDR-AAA and its relation to the Economic Vision 2030.

The presentation included:

  1. History and establishment of the BCDR-AAA.
  2. Role, function, and jurisdiction of BCDR-AAA.
  3. Short explanation on the main ADR mechanisms.
  4. Sequential events of an Arbitration: filing a case, appointing an arbitrator, role of the BCDR-AAA in the process, etc.
  5. Enforcement of Awards in the Kingdom of Bahrain and internationally.
  6. Interactive discussion on the advantages of Arbitration and Mediation (in theory and in practice)
  7. Q+A session

During the Q+A session, the students raised interesting questions and concerns about the field, the topics were discussed back and forth between them and the Case Managers. After the presentation was conducted, the students were taken on a quick tour of the BCDR-AAA's Halls and Case Management offices.