BCDR’s draft sports arbitration rules now available in Arabic

Having released the English version of its draft new sports arbitration rules for public comment and review, the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR) has now posted on its website the draft Arabic version of these  rules.

With a view to ensuring that the sports arbitration rules meet the expectations of all stakeholders, BCDR looks forward to receiving comments on the rules from all interested parties. Comments should be submitted no later than 25 November 2021 by email to [email protected].

This Arabic version was prepared by a committee comprising Faris K. Nesheiwat, attorney-at-law, Jordan; Ahmed Husain, BCDR Chief Operating Officer; and Salim Sleiman, BCDR Senior Case Manager. The committee's work was overseen by BCDR's Chief Executive Officer, Nassib G. Ziadé. The Arabic version is currently under consideration by BCDR's Board of Trustees.

BCDR's adoption of a set of arbitration rules dedicated to resolving disputes arising in the sporting world will contribute to the development of sports law and arbitration in Bahrain and will, over time, attract a wide range of sports arbitration cases locally and internationally.

The draft rules draw inspiration from the specialized rules of global leaders in the field, while also being substantially based on the 2017 BCDR Rules of Arbitration, from which identical, or closely parallel language has been adopted as appropriate. For more information on the draft sports arbitration rules, click here.

The sports arbitration rules will eventually be adopted in Arabic, English and French, with all three versions being equally authoritative.