BCDR’s roster of neutrals for Section One cases

As previously reported, in order to expand the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution ("BCDR") roster of neutrals in Section One cases, Resolution 134 of 2021 of the Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Waqf established a selection committee tasked with reviewing applications and selecting roster members.

In accordance with Resolution 134, the selection committee is headed by BCDR's CEO and further comprises two representatives of the Supreme Judicial Council, two representatives of the BCDR's Board of Trustees, one representative of each of the Minister of Justice, of the Central Bank, of the Economic Development Board, and of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Resolution 134 also provides that the roster may include judges appointed by the Supreme Judicial Council as third members on Section One tribunals.

The selection committee invited interested and suitably-qualified individuals to submit their applications and supporting documents electronically no later than 15 October 2022.

Applicants were required to be professionals practicing in the fields of commercial disputes (including telecommunication disputes); conventional banking, finance, investment, and insurance disputes; Islamic banking and finance disputes; and construction and real estate disputes.

After several meetings of the selection committee and deliberation among its members, the following names have been added to the roster:

  • Dr. Aseel Zimmo
  • Dr. Yousif Abdulhady Al Ekiaby
  • Mr. Mirza Ibrahim Salman Al Marzouk
  • Ms. Eman Jaafar Hasan Al Aradi
  • Dr. Manaf Yousuf Hamza
  • Dr. AbdulAziz Bin Saïd Bin Abdullah Al Kuthairy
  • Mr. Majid Jawad Ibrahim Al Ras Romani
  • Mr. Ali Yousif Ali Mohamed Janahi
  • Dr. Abdulla Yousuf Taleb
  • Ms. Rasha Anwar Mohamed Al Balbisi
  • Mr. Hamza Mohamed Noor Al Zubair Mohamed Noor
  • Dr. Abdulkader Ghaleb Sultan
  • Ms. Nayla Naser Hamoud Mohamed Al Dokhi
  • Mr. David Lutran

The selection committee has also retained the following names from the previously established roster:

  • Mr. Ahmed Al Thukair
  • Ms. Elham Ali Hasan
  • Ms. Ameena Al Onaisi
  • Dr. Jameel Al Alawi
  • Mr. Husain Mahdy Al Kaidoum
  • Mr. Salman Issa Flayfel
  • Mr. Abbas Abdulmohsen Radhi
  • Dr. Zakariya Sultan Al Abbasi
  • Mr. Farid Ghazi
  • Mr. Salah Al Madfaa
  • Mr. Saad Al-Shamlan
  • Dr. Mohammed Redha Abu Hussain
  • Mr. Abdullah Abbas Habib Al Shamlawi
  • Mr. Ahmed Ourfali
  • Dr. Georges Affaki
  • Dr. Adnan Amkhan
  • Judge Fady Elias
  • Dr. Fathi Kemicha
  • Dr. Karim A. Youssef
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf
  • Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab
  • Dr. Maan Bou Saber
  • Judge Mouhib Maamari
  • Mr. Karim Nassif
  • Mr. Alec Emmerson
  • Mr. John Gaffney
  • Mr. Jonathan Sutcliffe
  • Mr. Reza Mohtashami KC

In addition, the Supreme Judicial Council provided the selection committee with the following list of judges approved as third members on Section One tribunals:

  • Judge Fatema Faisal Hubail Mansour (President at the Grand Civil Court)
  • Judge May Sami Husain Matar (President at the Grand Civil Court)
  • Judge Hamad Ahmed Mohammed Al Souaidy (President at the Grand Civil Court)
  • Judge Dr. Jawaher Adel Abdulrahman (President at the Grand Civil Court)
  • Judge Dr. Riyad Mohamed Ibrahim Siyadi (Vice-President at the Grand Civil Court)

The selection committee will continue to review and update the roster as needed.