BCDR spotlights construction in the latest issue of its International Arbitration Review

The newly-released sixth issue of the BCDR International Arbitration Review contains a unique collection of articles on practical and legal aspects of construction arbitration in the Middle East. Written by practitioners in the region, the fourteen articles cover key questions such as case presentation strategies, the use of experts, document production, global claims, exceptional circumstances, and legal remedies for breach of contract. The authors bring to these and other questions their specialist knowledge and experience of the region's laws, culture and construction industry.

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In his introduction to the issue, General Editor Nassib G. Ziadé underlines its topicality: "At a time when the Arab world is witnessing a great upsurge in construction projects combined with heightened exposure to sociopolitical and commercial risks, the questions discussed in this issue should be helpful to anyone navigating the difficulties and disputes that so often arise in such circumstances." Speaking on the issue, Ziadé also pointed to its wider appeal. "Although the issue's focus is on the Middle East," he said, "the importance of the subjects covered and the in-depth treatment they are given make the issue essential reading for construction and dispute resolution practitioners and scholars wherever they are."

The BCDR International Arbitration Review was founded by Ziadé in 2014. Its aim is to broaden and increase knowledge and understanding of the law and procedures of international dispute settlement. It realizes this aim by bringing together within each issue a collection of articles on a common theme, which offer comprehensive coverage of key aspects of the subject from a variety of perspectives. Topics covered in past issues include the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the Arab States of the Gulf, women's voices in international arbitration, arbitration in Egypt, and investment arbitration in the Middle East.

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Published by Wolters Kluwer, the BCDR International Arbitration Review enjoys the support of an Advisory Board comprising leading practitioners and academics in the field of international arbitration.  Ziadé, as General Editor, heads an editorial committee which, for this latest issue, included Virginia Hamilton and Dr. Faris K. Nesheiwat as Deputy General Editors, Yousif Al Saif and J. Michael King.

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